Teeth Whitening at Home

iBright is a professional system that whitens your teeth within several days in effective and painless way. You will see how easy it is to use iBright at home. We assure you that this will be enough to make your smile pearly-white. The kit we offer you starts working in just 5-7 days. It is recommended and approved by doctors. iBright is made of safe ingredients that don’t damage tooth enamel. The components have been approved by FDA. This product has no side effects. It is recommended for adult of different ages in good general health. If you are under 18 or if your are pregnant, please consult your doctor.

The iBright  system contains:

  • shade guide
  • pre-treatment spray 5 ml
  • 5 teeth whitening fluoride wipes
  • silicone mouth tray
  • bleaching gel 15 ml
  • 5-watt LED lamp

How does iBright work?

The pH-natural formula of the gel makes teeth less sensitive protecting theiBright: best teeth whitening product enamel. Sodium Perborate whitens your teeth almost immediately since it hastens the oxidation process. Moreover, the process goes quicker due to the hydroxyapatite crystals. They make the gel adhere better to the tooth and effectively remove stains. Thick gel formula reaches every corner of your teeth. LED lamp whitens by means of blue light which turns the whitening process with iBright to professional one. Shade guide helps you understand how much whiter your teeth have become during the treatment. Flexible tray will perfectly fit your teeth.
You may use iBright to whiten all teeth as well as individual ones. Clinical tests show that iBright will whiten your teeth by up to 14 shades!

How should I use it?

You may use iBright in two different. If you choose the 5-day procedure, use this kit on the 1st day during 30 min and the 5th day during 20 min. If your choice will be the 7-day treatment, use it on the 1st day during 30 min, the 4th and the 7th day during 10-min. Before the whitening procedure place the wipe on your finger, soak the blue side of the wipe in the pre-treatment spray and then rub your teeth during one minute. Spit out the excess after that. Then attach the mouth tray to the LED lamp with the grip and apply some gel to both elements. Place your mouth tray over the teeth and turn on the LED lamp. Leave it for the time you need. Be aware that the lamp will turn off by itself in 10 min. If your session should last longer, turn it on again. 5 or 7 days are enough to get whiter teeth depending on the way you use the system.

When will I see the positive results?

There is 5- or 7-day treatment. Most of our customers are completely happy with the results. But be informed that results depend on how dark your teeth are. iBright is a very effective teeth whitener, but you should understand that no product or even teeth whitening procedure at the dentist will give you permanent results. Stained teeth may be due to tea, coffee or juice drinking, due to smoking or it may have another reason. Your teeth may get darker again after some time. Then, you can use iBright again.

iBright before and after

iBright before iBright after

iBright kit is your easiest way to have the smile of your dreams! You will need only 5 days to brighten your teeth!

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