Sex toy for men, which is used for penetration

Spankadoo is a sex toy for men, which is used for penetration. It is made of soft material that feels like real skin. The product is available in different shapes (Vagina, Mouth, Anus) for you to choose the one for you! Due to different inner textures, masturbator guarantees intense stimulation to satisfy different tastes.

Playing with this sex toy you will be able to explore your body and better understand what gives you the most pleasure. Our product is designed for use by men of different ages. It is safe and easy to use and doesn’t irritate your skin. Knowing your body will turn you to perfect lover. Make your sexual experience better!

We want you to assure that this product was thoroughly tested and approved. It will give you satisfaction you were dreaming about!

This toy is made of medical latex of the perfect quality. It will provide you complete sexual satisfaction. It is made in one size, but will fit to everyone. It was designed with great care to every detail of it! The toy will last forever if properly cared for. Spankadoo is coming with ultra-lubricating gel to provide excelent viscosity. So you will enjoy even more bright sensations.

We respect the privacy of our customers. That is why we will ship this product in a discreet package. Don’t worry no one will know the content of the package.

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