Penis Enlargement

XtraSize is a dietary supplement made of completely natural ingredients. It is taken to enlarge the size and girth of the penis by up to 30%. This remedy also increases sex drive. This supplement will help you to add length where size matters. XtraSize is made of herbal components, which are proved to be effective. Its formula was created by a team of American doctors, scientists and nutritionists.
Scientific researches show that only 7-, 8-, or 9-inch long penis can satisfy woman and stimulate every sexual nerve-ending for orgasms. A small size is not able to do it. Even if you are a great lover, you can not show your full potential if the size of your penis is small. Scientists proved that self-esteem directly depends on the penis size.
Imagine the reaction of woman when she sees you naked! XtraSize is 100% painless and safe way to increase your penis by 1 or 3 inches with no side effects at all!

How does XtraSize work?
The formula of this supplement was clinically proven and tested to strengthen and enlarge your penis by allowing the main blood holding tissue in your penis, called “Corpora Cavernosa” to hold more for longer periods of time.
XtraSize causes better blood-flow, this permanently rejuvenates absorbency and improves heath of the corpora cavernosa. As the chambers of your penis expand and the tissue engorges to a fuller capacity than before, thickness, length and better sexual stamina become possible.

The secret of XtraSize is its natural ingredients. All components used to make XtraSize are provided by certified producers. Here is the list of the ingredients:
Tribulus Terrestris is a plant known as aphrodisiac. Besides it increases potency and strengthens erections in men. It boosts the level of testosterone and enhances erectile function by releasing the nitric oxide from nerve endings within your penis.
Maca root controls the hormone and enzyme level. This plant keeps the right level of male hormones and enhances the metabolic rate. It increases your sex drive and improves sexual performance.
Saw Palmetto increases sexual energy and male libido. It also helps your body to stay in good overall condition.
L-Arginine HCl: amino acid is important to to synthesize nitric oxide. It is also very important component in the production of hormones, and thus helps to the increase penis size.
Pumpkin seed: it’s a good source of protein. It boosts sexual performance and offers prostate health.
Panax Ginseng: increases your sexual energy.
Sarsaparilla: the plant has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It’s used to cure prostate and urinary tract infections and impotence.
Stinging Nettle: it’s used to cure enlarged prostate.
Licorice Root: it improves overall health and sexual performance in men. It also has a positive effect on the endocrine system.

How should I use it?
Take 1 pill of XtraSize every day after breakfast for at least 3 months. You will feel stronger erections and will have extended sex just after several weeks of treatment. Keep treating to gradually enlarge your penis. You will add 1 inch after 30 days and even 3 inches after six months of using XtraSize.
Besides if you want to maximize your sexual performance, take a pill half an hour before having sex. Since XtraSize is an ingestible supplement, the results you achieve are permanent. As soon as you achieve desired results, you may change your dosage and take a pill 2 or 3 times a week.
There are 60 pills in one pack of XtraSize. It will be enough for 2-month. You will improve erectile function and add make your penis 1 inch longer. To achieve the maximum results, we advise you to order 3 packs of XtraSize. You will have supplement for six months. We assure you that half a year
is enough to add additional 3 inches to your penis and increase its girth, which will bring you and your lover maximum pleasure during sex.

The size of the penis does matter!

Enjoy the best sex that you and your partner have ever had with XtraSize!

Change your sex life to the better with XtraSize!

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